At Salon Evangelene, we believe in hiring only experienced, hardworking, talented hairstylists with a least 3 -5 years of “behind the chair” experience. We believe that our clients deserve only the best possible customer service delivered in a beautiful and caring environment by only consummate professionals. Because many stylists leave the business within 3-7 years, this does not leave us with a plethora of talent to choose from. This quandary has led us to develop our Apprenticeship Program. By molding, shaping, training and educating young hairdressers, we can form them into amazing master stylists in a more expeditious manner, instead of waiting for them to aimlessly attain their own skills.
To be considered for the apprenticeship program you must:

  • Have your Ohio State Board of Cosmetology License or be within 6 months of attaining it.
  • Have an amazing work ethic, drive and passion for excelling in the beauty business.
  • Your goals include staying in the Medina area for several years and include growing into an amazing, long term, salon career.
  • Be a team player-it’s definitely not all about you.
  • Be humble and considerate enough to serve others- both your teammates and clients.
  • Be willing to sacrifice your time and energy to be a good learner.

This program is not for just anyone. It is not for anyone unwilling to work hard for their goals, or anyone who thinks great things should just be handed to them. This program only works if YOU make it work. Our completion rate is only 1 out of every 10 who try.

You must also accept and work by our values-we believe in living our values, some of which are:

  • We are serious about creating and maintaining a positive and productive working environment for our staff and maintaining the highest levels of quality service and attention for our guests.
  • We believe in always striving to improve.
  • We believe in doing business in a professional and orderly manner.
  • We believe in honesty and integrity.
  • We believe that only a genuine, positive and professional staff can give the level of personal service we demand.
  • We believe in the ongoing training and development of our staff and see it as a worthy investment in the future of the company.
  • We believe in providing legendary customer service- the unique and powerful sort of personal care and attention that our guests will pay for.
  • We believe in a Professional environment and culture with ZERO DRAMA.

If this feels like an environment you would like to work in, please continue. If not- no hard feelings, we know this program is not every hairdresser’s destiny. We would rather have you back out now, then later.
Be honest with yourself- do you have what it takes to become a fabulous, extremely well paid hairdresser, at one of the top salons in the country? Only you can answer this question…
If you answered “Yes”, then on the continuing pages is detailed information on the Apprenticeship Program for you to ponder.

Time-line – The Results will vary depending upon your efforts
Phase 1
If hired as an assistant, you must work full time assisting our team for approximately 6 months before becoming eligible for the Apprenticeship Program. If you pass our criteria (listed on concurrent pages) you can apply for the apprenticeship program at the end of your first 6 months. If you have not met our criteria, you will be dismissed. You do not automatically get into the Apprenticeship Program by becoming an Assistant / Aide. You must earn the right to apply, by proving to us the quality of your attitude and work ethic.

Phase 2
If your application for The Apprenticeship Program is accepted, and while continuing your assisting duties, this phase typically lasts 12-18 months- depending on your efforts, talents, your ability to learn and improve, and most importantly- your attitude. Phase 2 will include hands on training (on mannequins) with Evangelene and other team members, shadowing stylists, attending classes and hair shows. Training will typically be 2-3 hours per day, 2-3 days per week. You will receive minimum wage salary for the hours spent in training and assisting. Before moving onto Phase 3, you must complete & present a recap of all skills learned, for the Apprenticeship Training Team.

Phase 3
You will continue your assisting duties. Your hands-on training will proceed to include you finding live models to work on for training purposes, to practice the skills you have learned, in real situations. All work will be monitored and checked by the S E Apprenticeship Training Team. This phase will last approximately 3-6 months.

Phase 4
While continuing your assistant duties, you will have the opportunity to work behind the chair, as a Junior Stylist, a few days per week. This will be an exciting time for us to see you put to use all the training we provided you with. Beginning to build a clientele and fine tuning your skills is the focus of this phase.

Phase 5
This will be the most rewarding phase of them all- becoming a hairstylist at Salon Evangelene is an amazing accomplishment, and not achieved by many. This is your time to shine- the sky is the only limit to your success both financially and artistically.

Details of Phases:

Phase 1
The first 6 months you will spend your days assisting the staff full time at the salon. If you are licensed already, then you will shampoo for the hairstylists as needed. This is an important job- The main focus of your job will be to assist the Service Providers-Hairstylists, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Nail Techs & Receptionists. You will essentially work for them- I will just sign your paycheck and occasionally ask for specific duties from you. Keeping the people who make the $ happy will be both of our jobs. Assistants do more than they are paid for before they become hairdressers and get paid for more than they do!
Daily Assisting duties include but are not limited to:
Sweeping hair, collecting and disposing of all salon trash and removing it to the dumpster, collecting and processing all salon laundry and redistributing it to its proper storage areas, inventory counting and control, unpacking & pricing incoming purchase orders, restocking and dusting shelves, general salon cleaning (windows, doors, glass, mirrors, floors, stations, backroom, bathrooms etc, etc), maintaining cleanliness in waiting, processing and restroom areas, washing color bowls and bottles, washing client and staff dishes, taking out and bringing in of mail, offering and serving beverages to clients, fulfilling requests from stylists, front desk and salon owner for any additional duties.

  • You must be able to stand for 8+ hours at a time
  • You must be able to frequently bend, stoop and lift up to 40lbs.
  • We may also need you to run errands using your own vehicle- Barnum / Sally’s for emergency supplies, the bank for change orders, etc.

You DO NOT automatically get into the Apprenticeship Program by becoming an Assistant/Aide. You must earn the right to apply by proving to us the quality of your attitude and work ethic. There may not be any other Phases for you, after Phase 1.

If chosen to be our next apprentice, you will continue to do all assistant duties throughout the remainder of the Apprenticeship program. If you slack off on these duties or refuse to continue them, we will stop your training and you will be dismissed. This is an At-Will program. Salon Evangelene reserves the right to stop training you for any reason and will terminate your job and training if requirements are not met.

Phase 2 
If chosen as our next apprentice,
Your hands-on training will commence with Product Knowledge. You will learn how to control the fabric of the hair by mastering Pliant Strength and how to apply that knowledge to each situation. Product knowledge will be engrained throughout every phase of your training and is pinnacle for perfecting all styling techniques. First you will precisely complete the following blow drying techniques: Round brushing, flat wrapping, Round brush set, press wrapping and diffusing.

Next you will master using Thermal tools to create styles: Ribbon curling, hot roller sets, curling iron sets, pressing, spiraling, marcelling, etc.
Structural Backcombing will come next and be incorporated into mastering the classic French Twist, among other classic glamorous styles. Other classic up-style techniques will be introduced at this time. Shape & Form will be integrated into the up-style training.

Introduction to hair cutting will be your next step. We will start with Pure Form cutting on mannequins. While learning the 9 classic Pure Form cuts, we will cover the geometry of length, layers and graduation. Each cut must be mastered before moving onto the next Pure Form.
Next we will cover men’s cutting, mastering clipper techniques and correct shaping for thinning hair.

Free Form & Reactive hair cutting will be covered next, learning to add texture and interior movement to advance your hair cutting skills. Kinetic Razor cutting will round out this segment of textured hair cutting training.
You will also learn the art of applying makeup. Product knowledge and application techniques of Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup will be focused on.
Hair color-You will first study the theory of hair color. Until you master the laws and physics of hair color, formulating hair color will be like learning a new language. We will focus on semi, demi & permanent hair color, and when and where to use each. Understanding how depth, tone and hue apply to each head of hair including gray coverage, lifting, depositing and decolorizing will be studied. Discovering how natural contributing pigment affects hair color, and how you will be enhancing the NCP or controlling the NCP, is essential.

We will focus on techniques of how to communicate with clients in their hair color consultation. One of the most essential parts of learning hair color is realizing how to explain the complex technical aspect of hair color in lemans terms. Hair color is the “Bread & Butter” of our business. Having passion for great hair color can be extremely lucrative and is an essential part of becoming a well rounded, sought after hairstylist.
Becoming proficient & skilled at virgin, retouch, highlighting, loliting and multidimensional applications such as Block color, Panels, Flashes, Slicing, Peek a boo’s & patterns will be necessary before moving to Phase 3. Classes from a professional Goldwell color educator will be an essential part of this phase, as well as shadowing Salon Evangelene stylists through consultation to formulation to application.

Phase 3
We will move to working on live models for this phase. It will be your responsibility to find live models for haircuts, up styles, hair color & highlights. (These models cannot be Salon Evangelene clients) Prices will be minimal- $10 haircuts, $20 color, $30 highlights etc. to cover the salon’s costs. These fees will go directly to the house account, and you will receive no payment for this work, other than your minimum hourly wage, as it part of your training.
Greeting clients, consulting and communicating are the most important techniques you can learn- we call these “soft skills”. This phase will start with focusing on providing an amazing shampoo and one of the most important parts of the client’s entire visit- the consultation! Learning to listen to the language of the client is the core of customer service.
You will learn how to control the client value stream and make each experience absolutely amazing for your clients. Going above and beyond for your clients is proven the best form of customer service possible. Many clients will choose a stylist that provides amazing customer service over one who gives amazing technical service.
To move on to Phase 4, you must put together a style show presentation for a photo shoot. You must provide models & wardrobe, and perform complete looks on 3 different models to the Training Team’s satisfaction.

Phase 4
While continuing your assisting duties, you will start working behind the chair as a Junior Stylist. You will be booked with any overflow business and any request business. It is now your responsibility to make personal connections and start to build a clientele. You will have reduced prices and reduced commissions for at least 1 year. When required Goals are met & maintained, you will move to Phase 5.
You will be required to attend at least 2 hair shows, along with 4 in-salon classes per calendar year. You must help promote our salon by volunteering your time with photo shoots, commercials, promotional & charity events.

Phase 5
You will attain this level by working harder than ever. We have given you the training you need, and the physical space to find clients in. If you have built regular, returning clients, maintained retail goals and have had a good attitude and work ethic, you will be elevated to the appropriate Stylist level & price level for your talents, efforts and results. This is your opportunity to make great money & have fun. It will be whatever you make it- there is literally limitless potential!
You must continue to attend 1 Hair show per year, along with 4 in-salon classes per calendar year, volunteering your time for photo shoots, commercials, promotional & charity events.

Tool List

tools of the trade to propel you to success
If accepted into the Salon Evangelene Apprenticeship Training Program, you will be required to provide the following tools to commence with your training.

  • Shears- 5.5” & 6.5” good quality professional shears in great condition. You will want to attain different lengths & styles as your skills progress
  • Razor- Feather or RotoRazor
  • Clippers- professional large clippers for men’s haircutting.
  • Professional trimmers for detailing areas
  • Combs- professional hard rubber backcombing, detangling, hilighting and haircutting combs
  • A quality, powerful professional blow dryer with concentrator nozzle
  • Cup diffuser
  • Professional Marcel curling irons- 1 ¼”, 1”, ¾”, ½”
  • Professional Ceramic Flat Iron-good quality, 410 degree minimum
  • Aquage brushes- small & large Smoothing, Detailing, Styling and Large, Medium & Small Aquage 1st cut boar bristle round brushes.
  • Professional set of Hot rollers
  • Professional Bobby pins- bronze & black: Hair pins- bronze & black
  • Office rubber bands- Staples has big bags of them
  • Clear elastic bands
  • 2 dozen duck bill style clips- no jaw style clamps!
  • Pin curl clips
  • Velcro rollers- sm, ,med & large
  • Spray bottle
  • Notebook & pen
  • A great attitude and work ethic